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Hijacking using ‘toy gun’ ended in tears

A man in Philippi has been shot dead after he attempted to hijack a vehicle using a toy gun on Tuesday afternoon. The incident took place on New Eisleben Road, near the Better Life area. Eyewitnesses have reported that the driver had gone to the area to deliver some goods he was selling on Facebook Market Place. However, on arrival at the address, his car was hit with rocks and he was accosted by two young hijackers who demanded his car and phone.

The victim then pulled out a gun and fired two warning shots in the air. However, one of the robbers produced what appeared to be a firearm from his pocket, and the driver shot him, causing him to die on the spot.

Speaking to Ezitshisayo, residents of Philippi have highlighted the danger posed by young criminals who are ordering goods from Facebook and then using the addresses to lure their victims into a trap. They have called on ehailing drivers and people selling their goods on social media to be vigilant and seek the help of law enforcement authorities in Philippi.

The Community Police Forum Secretary in Nyanga, Dumisani Qwebe, has advised anyone selling goods on Facebook to tell their buyers to come to the police station, saying that Philippi has become too dangerous for outsiders to visit. Sergeant Wesley Twigg of the police has confirmed the shooting incident but warned that the investigation is still ongoing, and no information can be divulged at this time. Residents of Philippi have expressed their concern and urged the police to crack down on the rising crime in their community.

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