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Driver shot dead inside taxi!

Cops in Cape Town have opened a case of murder and attempted murder after a 42-year-old taxi driver was shot and killed inside a taxi on Sunday 11 September in the evening. This is after he and his colleague were ambushed while loading passengers.

Onlookers said the shooters fired shots and passengers had to flee for cover as bullets flew left, right and centre. The taxi was for a long distance and did not have a sticker for any local taxi associations.

Witnesses said the driver was shot several bullets at short range while inside the taxi. They also attacked the assistant who quickly managed to remove the injured driver from the streets as he took control and drove off from the scene.

According to a family member who was at the scene, the driver was loading passengers to go to Eastern Cape near the Philippi train station when two armed men shot at him and his assistant who also happens to be also a family member.

“Passengers had to run for cover when the incident was taking place. They were attacked while there were a number of passengers inside the taxi. It looks like they really wanted the driver and his assistant, thank God the assistant reacted faster otherwise he would have been killed too,” said the onlooker.

Cops spokesman Captain Frederick Van Wyk said the taxi driver died inside the taxi. “Circumstances surrounding a shooting incident on 2022-09-11 at about 15:30 Ngulube Road Brown’s Farm, where a 42-year-old man was shot and fatally wounded and another male injured.

“The injured victim was taken to a nearby medical facility for treatment. A murder and attempted murder case were opened for investigation. The deceased(driver) died inside the taxi. Suspects are unknown and fled the scene on foot,” he said.

Van Wyk said anyone with any information about this fatal shooting incident is kindly requested to contact Crime Stop at 08600 10111.

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