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Ben10 went on to have tlof tlof after murdering sugar mama!

Residents from Samora Machel in Cape Town are still in shock after a Ben10 murdered his girlfriend Busisiwe Mthethwa (56) on 30 December 2023. He cut her body, and put it in the freezer, and went out to have fun.

According to a man who used to drink with the ‘killer’, he joined them at a nearby tarven and drank booze together. He said nobody suspected that he killed someone. He didn’t stay with them for long, after a few drinks, the ‘killer’ Brian Mhiripiri(35) left the shabeen with a woman and spent a night at her house.

“He didn’t even show anything that suggested he killed someone.He acted normal. We were even drinking with him at a nearby tavern and he later left with a woman, and we believe he slept at her place. We are shocked, how can he do that, killing someone and then go and poke another woman,” said a man identified only as Lucas who used to hang out with the suspect.
Many people who know him are still shocked by his monster acts. Ezitshisayo went to Samora Machel and speak to Busisiwe’s family who are still shocked by the incident. The deceased’s sister Buyiswa Solomzi said when people called and informed her that Brian was selling Busisiwe’s clothes, she didn’t expect the worst.

“I just thought they had a fight and Busi has left so Brian is selling her stuff just to spite her. It was when we saw curtains with blood that I was shocked. I could tell that something bad had happened to my sister,” she said.
When officers searched they found Busisiwe’s body inside a freezer which had some weights on top of it.

Brian was arrested and appeared in Athlone Magistrate’s court earlier this week facing charges of murder.


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