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Baby boy dumped at graveyard!

Residents from KTC area in Gugulethu are shocked and angry after a newly born baby was found dumbed near a graveyard on Friday 12 January 2024. The baby was discovered by a patroller who was walking around the graveyard area around 6am. Thank God the baby was alive and is now at safe place.

Speaking to Ezitshisayo, the patroller Ntando Mayekiso said he was shocked to see the white bucket at the graveyard moving. “I moved closer to see what was happening, I was shocked to see a newly born baby. I was glad that the baby was still alive, so I called some women who were cleaning the streets close by. They came and we called cops and ambulance,” he said.

After realising that police and ambulances were taking long to arrive, residents carried the baby and rushed to KTC Day Hospital where he was attended. Nandipha Madubedube(41), one of the women who attended the child said she is happy that the child is alive.

“If the baby was found late, he could have died. I’m glad that we saved a life, we managed to get to the hospital while he was still alive. The baby’s umbilical code was still on him at the time we found him,” said Nandipha.

The department of Health and Wellness spokeswoman Monique Johnstone confirmed the incident. She said a newborn baby was brought to the Gugulethu Community Health Centre’s Midwife Obstetric Unit for care after he was found at a cemetery.

“Medical assessments were conducted, and an ambulance transferred the newborn to Mowbray Maternity Hospital for further care. The facility provided a statement to the South African Police Service (SAPS). The matter is being investigated,” said Johnstone.

Police spokesman in Cape Town Sergeant Wesley Twigg confirmed that Gugulethu police are investigating the incident.

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