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WATCH: ‘Some of them were robbing residents’

Ward 98 councillor Anele Gabuza says he knows some of the men who were shot and killed in Harare, Khayelitsha on Wednesday early in the morning.

The incident happened in his ward and Gabuza said some of these deceased were amaphara who used to rob people in his area. Eight people were killed in a space of three hours in Harare today. “I know them because some of them used to rob people’s phones near my office. Sometimes they would steal people’s stuff around kasi. This shooting could be in connection with criminal activities. They have shot one another amongst themselves over their disagreements or they were shot by a person whom they had stolen from,” he said.

He said they were still young, but they were known for their criminal activities. Nolubabalo Ncanywa said her son Yibanathi Ncanywa(30) was among the deceased people. She however admitted that his son was taking drugs.

Phumla Nkomana, a mother who lost two sons in the shooting said she is still trying to accept that his two sons are gone. She said Nceba Nkomana(41) and Collen Nkomana(40) together with his girlfriend and their cousin were all killed inside their home.

Phumla said she doesn’t know why her children were killed.“They were all killed inside Nceba’s house, we were also called to the scene we don’t know what happened,” she said.

A source who spoke Ezitshisayo said the group was terrorizing people and they were warned to stop their actions. “I know all of them, I used to smoke with them,” said a source who knew all the deceased by their names.

“They were my friends; they had guns and were now robbing people. They were warned to stop their habit by allegedly robbing a spaza shop. I think that is the one that put them in this trouble. I stopped playing with them otherwise I would have died,” said the source.

Police spokesman Colonel Andre Traut said detectives are chasing the leads to find the killers.

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“Preliminary investigations into the multiple murders in Harare this morning led detectives to believe that two incidents that preceded the one in Ncumu Street could possibly be linked. At around 02:50 an adult male and his adult girlfriend were shot and killed In Feza Street Harare, and shortly after that, a 35-year-old male was shot and killed not far from the first scene.

“Three hours later, the murders in Ncumu Street were committed, possibly by the same suspects,” added Traut.


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