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WATCH: ‘Sasko robber’ killed in shootout with police!

One of the men allegedly linked to the Sasko bread workers shooting have been shot and killed by cops earlier today. The incident happened in Nkanini in Khayelitsha earlier today 02 July 2024.

According to a resident who witnessed the incident, the incident happened around 6 am. He said the time the shooting happened; he was preparing for his kids to go for creche.

“I heard noises and when I checked, it was the noises of police officers banging the doors of their vehicles. The next thing, I heard them shouting ‘Open it’s police!’. At that time, I walked out of my yard to see what was really going on. There were over 15 vans and heavily armed cops gathered on the streets,” said Ezitshisayo’s source.

He added that the now deceased robbery suspect didn’t open the door when he was asked by cops to open. Instead, he peeped through the window before disappearing into his shack for a few seconds. When he returned to the window, he was now armed with a gun, and he fired at cops. One of the cops but the other cop reacted fast and shot him while he was at the window.

He fell back into his shack and other cops advanced and kicked open the door. “It was like a movie, it happened very quickly,” said the resident.

After the incident, the man said a cop showed him the video and pictures about the bakery incident. “I’m not always on Facebook so some of these things happen and I don’t even notice. I was shocked to see that he was involved in such a gruesome murder and robbery. I know him and I even saw him driving a Polo on Monday,” he said. The resident said he just knew him but never thought he was involved in criminal activities.

The resident said, cops also took away the Polo he was driving because it was allegedly stolen. At the time of the shooting, the deceased was with his girlfriend inside the house.

“When cops asked the girl to give them the car keys for the Polo, she told them that she was new. Apparently, it was her first time to sleepover at the house of the deceased,” said the source.

Meanwhile, the other suspect Ayanda Dayi(38) who is linked to the Sasko robbery was arrested at a local clinic. According to police, he was arrested after he was admitted after he was beaten up by residents over another robbery. He appeared in Delft Magistrate’s Court last week.


Police spokesman Warrant Officer said the incident is under investigation by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate.

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