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Watch: Curro student selling amagwinya goes viral

A young entrepreneur wearing Curro school uniform selling amagwinya, also known as vetkoek, has become the talk of social media. The young businessman, whose name has not yet been revealed, has gone viral after a video of him selling his delicious baked goods for R8 each was shared online.

Many people have expressed mixed feelings about the boy’s pricing, as amagwinya are typically sold for between R1 and R2 in the townships. However, many have applauded him for not being embarrassed to sell amagwinya at one of Mzansi’s most prestigious schools.

One Twitter user, Mighti Jamie, who posted the video of the teen, believes that this is just the beginning of the boy’s billionaire story. “Many of the great businessmen celebrated in the world will say how they started off selling lemonade or delivering papers. He started selling amagwinya at Curro for R8. He knows his market and pricing!” said Jamie.


Another Twitter user, Menzi Malaba, disagreed with the young entrepreneur’s pricing, asking, “Madness, R8 per gwinya, lingakanani kanti igwinya lakhona?”. Despite this, many have come out in support of the businessman, cheering him on for his entrepreneurial spirit and courage.

By offering high-quality amagwinya at a competitive price, it seems that this ambitious young entrepreneur is quickly making a name for himself, even at such a young age. We hope his story inspires many more young people in Mzansi to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams!

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