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Umthi, baby mama drama, rape and endless top actor’s real life problems!

Top actor Siyabonga Shibe is going through hard time as his baby mama is allegedly keeping their son away from him.

“I’m going through a lot of abuse, a lot of torture from my ex-girlfriend,” Shibe said. The former Uzalo actor said his ex is hellbent to destroy his life after he called he called quits to their relationship.

Shibe regrets falling for the woman who paused as a “fan” when he first met her. He said the woman came to the place where they were shooting and stood as if she was just watching them acting.

After that, the woman asked for a picture with Shibe which he didn’t have a problem. A few days later she posted a picture of them together on her social media. “We got along well, and we dated until she got pregnant and moved in with me,” he said.

At first the woman would bring lots of friends’ home, “she abused me verbally, and physically” and always drunk. When he realised that he was in a wrong relationship, he couldn’t leave, and he believes that the woman was using muthi on him.

At one point, she returned home to find her with her mother and a sangoma inside his house. “Candles were lit, and they were busy with their business,” he said. The actor said at one point, his ex’s sister sent him a message on Instagram telling him that “we tell you what to do, we gave you korobela”.

Shibe said he nearly lost his manhood in a drunken attack from his ex. “I spoke to the mother of my first child on the phone on that day. She said I was cheating, and she threatened to cut off my manhood. I laughed because I thought it was some joke, but she took a knife and charged towards me. She stabbed my jeans were left torn,” said Shibe.

What hurt Shibe the most is when the baby mama turned his son against him. After they separated, he decided to live with his first-born daughter and his son what followed shocked him. “My son started abusing my daughter, he went to an extend of taking her naked videos and sent them to his mother. The mother then posted them on social media,” he said. At one point, the ex would call him saying his daughter was going to be sick and it would happen.

“They would count days for me and indeed when those days arrive my daughter would be sick. Umthi uyasebenza, I was in denial umthi uyasebenza ngeyinye ndlela,” said Shibe stating that the ex was using umuthi on his daughter.

Shibe said the baby mama even went on to lie that he raped her in 2021. In January another case was opened again alleging that he raped a woman in an Uber on New Year’s eve.


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