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Toilet death left residents shocked!

Residents of Samora Machel, Cape Town, are grappling with shock following the discovery of a deceased woman found seated on a toilet on Friday morning. The woman, whose identity remains unknown, was found in a location where she did not reside, leaving people with questions on how she got there.

This incident is similar to a gruesome discovery happened in the same area, where just months ago whereby another woman’s body was found stuffed inside a refrigerator. These incidents have left the community reeling and searching for answers amidst growing concerns about safety and security in the neighborhood.

Sergeant Wesley Twigg, spokesperson for the Western Cape Police, confirmed that an inquest docket has been opened in response to the discovery. “Samora Machel police registered an inquest for investigation after the body of an unknown female was found inside a toilet in Samora Machel Road earlier this morning (2024-03-22),” stated Twigg. He further added that a post-mortem examination would be conducted to determine the cause of death, urging anyone with information to come forward by contacting Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

Toilet death left residents shocked!
Residents went out to witness the gruesome discovery that left the whole kasi shaken. Photo by Ezitshisayo

Bongani Maqungwana, spokesperson for the Community Police Forum in the area, expressed the community’s shock and frustration, emphasizing the urgent need for clarity surrounding these unsettling incidents. “The incident has left us with questions, and we are looking for answers,” said Maqungwana, echoing the sentiments of many residents who are demanding transparency and decisive action from authorities.

As investigations continue into this perplexing case, residents of Samora Machel remain on edge, grappling with the unnerving reality of these inexplicable deaths within their community

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