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Three men shot in Gugulethu

Three men have been shot in NY6 next to Gugulethu mall around 5 pm today.
It is alleged that two of the men died on the scene while the other one was rushed to the hospital.

There was a heavy presence of police and law enforcement in Gugulethu just after the incident.

According to a witness, the deceased men were shot while sitting inside a vehicle while the other one was outside.
“We heard over 30 gunshots when the incident happened. We knew that someone is dead, such gunshots do not normally go without a body,” said the witness.

Two men shot dead outside their cars

When the Ezitshisayo team arrived at the scene police were still combing the scene for evidence.

Residents said there have been several shootings around Gugulethu for the past two weeks. They said the situation gets worse when there is load shedding.

“We don’t know what they are fighting for but the rumour is that these people are fighting for protection fee money. The fighting has been so bad lately,” said another resident.

Gugulethu has been a warzone as three other people were shot and killed in NY111 last week. The incident happened opposite Cash Tavern close to a house that had an umgidi.

Matriculant shot 17 bullets

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