One-legged driver arrested for ‘hijacking’ after high speed chase

One-legged driver arrested for ‘hijacking’ after high speed chase
One-legged driver arrested for ‘hijacking’ after high speed chase. Photo by Ezitshisayo

A one-legged man was arrested by the Flying Squad cops in Cape Town after he was found with a stolen vehicle on Friday 11 August. The arrest took place in the Tsunami area of Delft, where the suspect lost control of the stolen vehicle and crashed into an open space after a high-speed chase with cops.

According to a source within the police, cops had spent all day looking for the suspects after they received a tip off about the car involved in criminal activities. It is alleged that besides hijacking, the suspects were involved in kidnapping. Around midday, cops received a tip off that the vehicle was in Delft. They spotted the hijacked white Toyota in Tsunami area and gave a chase.

During the pursuit, witnesses were left astounded as the driver skillfully maneuvered the hijacked vehicle despite his disability. The suspect’s crutches were later discovered inside the car, leaving many people shocked about how he managed to operate the vehicle. To their shock, the authorities also found a firearm inside the stolen car.

Police quickly ordered the men to the ground and handcuffed them. A crowd gathered at the scene to witness the incident, and among them was a motorist who narrowly avoided a collision with the hijacked vehicle.

“I was driving with my five-year-old son when I witnessed a speeding car heading straight towards us. Just as I swerved away, the car crashed into my vehicle before soaring into the open space,” the shaken motorist recounted.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi confirmed the incident.
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