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Motorists warned about a ‘new dangerous protest tactic’

The City of Cape Town issued a stern warning to motorists following reports of a new protest tactic employed by angry demonstrators in various parts of the city. Protesters have resorted to digging enormous trenches across road surfaces, posing serious risks to unsuspecting drivers.

On Friday, March 22nd, the Metro Police Tactical Response Unit was mobilized to Baden Powell Road in Khayelitsha in response to an ongoing housing related protest. Upon arrival, officers discovered a massive trench covering the entire width of the road.

At the time of arrival, the trench had already claimed its first victim as a motorist who unknowingly drove into it. Mayco Member of Safety and Security for the City of Cape Town expressed deep concern over the situation. He believes that some high-powered machines were involved in creating such trenches in such a short space of time.
“It is evident that the creation of such a trench required the use of power tools and heavy construction machinery,” said Smith.

He added: “The speed at which these trenches are being dug is alarming and indicates a level of organization and planning that is deeply troubling.”

Authorities urged motorists to exercise extreme caution and vigilance when navigating areas where protests are occurring. They emphasised the importance of adhering to traffic alerts and avoiding routes where protests are known to take place.

Smith added that efforts to identify and apprehend those responsible for creating these hazardous conditions are underway.

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