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WATCH: Man explains how he bought,fried and ate ‘fake eggs’

In a shocking story that has left South Africans terrified, a man has shared his experience of eating fake eggs that he alleges came from Nigeria. The man, who posted a video on social media, conducted an experiment where he compared a normal South African egg to a ‘no name’ egg that he purchased.

In the video, the man broke both the eggs and showed that the South African egg had a yellow yolk while the ‘no name’ egg had a white-like yolk. He also revealed that the ‘no name’ egg had plastic inside it, which left him feeling sick and scared.

The video has gone viral, and many South Africans are now questioning the authenticity of the eggs they purchase. Investigative journalist Mzilikazi waAfrika also shared the video on his Twitter account, which has garnered even more attention.

The man in the video warned South Africans to be careful when buying eggs and to make sure they purchase from trusted sources. He also urged authorities to investigate the matter and take action against those responsible for producing and distributing fake eggs.

Many social media users have expressed their outrage and concern about the situation, with some demanding that the government take action to stop the importation of fake eggs. Others have suggested that the man should be commended for raising awareness about the issue.


Watch fake eggs factory:

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