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Khanyi Mbau’s ex set social media ablaze with R1.4 million fur coat

South African media personality Khanyi Mbau’s ex-boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga set social media ablaze when he displayed his lavish belongings.

Kudzai’s items included a R1 million bag, R1.4 million Fendi fur coat, and R1.4 million watch. According to him, he didn’t pay for any of the luxurious items, but gaining access was his currency.

“I have an everlasting picture that’s impossible to get,” Kudzai wrote on Instagram.

The Zimbabwean businessman has now moved on and is in a new relationship with a famous Arab model. He refused to reveal her face or share her photos on social media because it is not allowed for Arab girls to show their faces or pictures on social media like that.

Kudzai said, “Arabic girls are private, but stay on my stories soon you will see my friend. She’s famous too.”

The Zimbabwean has been a social media sensation in South Africa since he and Mbau broke up last year.

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