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House smells like public toilet!

Brandon Qhanga(35) from Dubai informal settlement near Mfuleni said his house smells like a public toilet. This is because people defecate at an open space next to his shack at night and sometimes in broad daylight.

This is because Dubai, the space where residents occupied and built their shacks two years ago, does not have toilets and water.

Brandon said, in his deep sleep he even knows that someone is relieving themselves because of the sudden stench that comes with it.

“I would tell you that someone is relieving themselves while I’m in a deep sleep because the stench becomes stronger. I sometimes shout at them to go and relieve themselves somewhere else but the problem is there are no toilets.

“It’s said that they found the open space next to my house as a convenient toilet for them,” said Brandon.

When Ezitshisayo visited Brandon he wanted TshisaTeam to look on the ground as they may step of faeces since people relieve themselves all over.

Community leader Thando Mcuntula said the new informal settlement has been ignored by the municipality. He alleges that the City of Cape refused to provide them with services.

“They are refusing to recognise our kasi hence we do not have the basic services that all other kasis have and we are unhappy about that,” Mcuntula said.

Mayco Member for Human Settlements Malusi Booi said the area is located within Driftsands Nature Reserve and these residents have already been asked to leave the place.

“Assessments of all more recently unlawfully occupied areas are being undertaken and will continue to be undertaken across the metro.

“Noting that the far greatest majority of the settlements have been established on unsuitable land (such as in waterlogged areas such as ponds and wetlands and road reserves, or in nature reserves; or land with other great constraints for service delivery. The City advises residents that unlawful occupation holds great health and safety risks,” added Booi.

MMC for Water and Sanitation Zahid Badroodien said: “The Covid-19 informal settlement is located within a nature reserve on Province-owned land. The City cannot provide services due to the sensitive nature of the land and legal implications.”

Badroodien added that the City does not support land invasions. “The services that the City renders are in line with the Constitution and are delivered within a limited budget,” he added.

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