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Fake policemen hijack meat truck!

The vigilant efforts of the Cape Town K9 Unit led to the arrest of six suspects involved in the hijacking of a truck carrying a valuable cargo of meat. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, March 10th, 2024, unfolded following a tip-off received by the unit.

According to reports, members of the Cape Town K9 Unit received information regarding the hijacking of a truck transporting meat on the N7 in Du Noon. Acting swiftly on the tip-off, the unit launched an investigation and pursued the suspects. It was revealed that the perpetrators utilized a Volkswagen vehicle equipped with a blue light to intercept and hijack the truck, which was loaded with meat valued at approximately R1 million.

In a coordinated operation, the K9 Unit managed to track down and apprehend all six suspects involved in the hijacking. They were found to be in possession of stolen property, leading to their immediate arrest.

The suspects are set to face charges related to the hijacking and possession of stolen goods. They will appear before the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court once formal charges have been brought against them.
Authorities continue to encourage citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to aid in the ongoing efforts to curb criminal behavior.

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