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Enhle admits having sleeping with married man

Black Coffee’s ex-wife Enhle Mbali has admitted having slept with a married businessman Valentine Bango. She told Bango’s wife that they used condoms.

Bango’s wife questioned if they were sleeping together and Enhle admitted. She justified this by saying they used condoms.

“No, I have condoms in every facet of my world, even in my car right now there are condoms, i,” said Enhle.

Enhle also admitted that she wanted to be Bango’s second wife. In a leaked phone call, the two, Enhle and Bango’s wife are heard exchanging words.

Enhle admitted that she indeed wanted to be the second wife but from her “research” she learnt that the first wife must accept first.

The wife asked Enhle: “You guys decided to continue with your relationship?”

In response, Enhle said she was waiting for Bango and wife do discuss whether she likes isithembu or not.

“As I have said before I don’t want isithembu and I’m not going to change my mind. What I’m hearing from his is that you are continuing with your relationship regardless of what I want,” said the wife.

Enhle said she and Bango have businesses together which they formed before they started dating.

“I was doing a lot of question asking on what it entails to be in isithembu apart from watching a couple of shows. I know people in South Africa, a couple of friends. A couple of friends of friends that are in isithembu and after my homework. I understand that it needed to be recieved at home first,” said Ehle.

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