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Eight months baby die after “getting sick” at creche

A tragic incident occurred on Child Protection Day as an eight-month-old baby, Mohammed Qiran Canterbury, passed away after getting sick at a daycare in Bonteheuwel on Friday. The little girl was reportedly fine when her parents dropped her off in the morning but became ill in the afternoon. Daycare staff immediately rushed her to the nearby Vanguard Hospital, but she was declared dead on arrival.

The ward councillor, Angus Mackenzie, expressed his condolences to the family, saying they are devastated by the loss of their child. The cause of the baby’s death is unknown, and an autopsy and investigation will commence to determine what happened.

Mackenzie also expressed his condolences to the daycare and its staff, saying this was a tragic incident that must be thoroughly investigated. The circumstances surrounding the baby’s death are not immediately available.

Child Protection Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of protecting children from harm and ensuring they receive proper care and support. Unfortunately, this day was marred by this tragic incident, and many are expressing their condolences and support for the family during this difficult time.

Councillor Angus Mackenzie said the parents of the little girl Taswell Canterbury and Zaidah Adams are devastated.

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