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Crossroads school girl arrested after stabbing another learner in class

A school girl from Mandela High School in Crossroads has been arrested after stabbing another learner with a knife two weeks ago.

It is alleged that the learners were fighting over a chair when the stabbing incident occurred. A source close to the incident said the incident happened in a grade 10 class.

“One learner came to school early and put her bag on the chair and she went to the toilet. Another learner came and took the bag off the chair and put it on the ground, something that angered the other learner. She asked her to find her own chair and put her bag back on the chair but the other one refused. Instead, she slapped her on the face and everyone in the class laughed,” said the source.

After she was slapped, the girl who is 16 years old walked out of the class and went to the kitchen at the school used to prepare food for learners. The angry girl allegedly managed to convince the woman who was in the kitchen to give her a knife so that she can “cut a cake since it is my birthday”. Instead, she took the knife and stabbed the learner who slapped her. She was stabbed in the ribs and on the back and was rushed to the hospital.

Police spokesman Nowonga Sukwana confirmed that a learner was arrested and appeared in court. She is charged with assault GBH and is expected in court back on 04 April.

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